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There is no shortage of new ideas in the building industry. The Innovation Centre for Building (ICB) helps companies in the construction and greenhouse horticulture sectors to launch new products. The ICB supports experts in developing ideas into commercially attractive applications, combining various expertise areas with knowledge of construction. The ICB has developed several services tailored to this sector and has a large knowledge network.

The ICB has a multidisciplinary structure and brings together

  • various areas of expertise, such as: materials, structures and construction processes
  • domain knowledge of the housing, construction and greenhouse-horticulture sectors
  • various types of service, including technical consultancy, valorisation of solutions, and collective research

The ICB's experts initiate and provide support for concrete innovations for companies. They also have wide experience in collective development projects in the sector. As an independent party we can play a connecting role in this context. The obstacles within a sector are identified. Then, in close coordination with the parties involved, the ICB develops potential solutions and helps to implement them. This often results in directly usable guidelines or calculation models.

ICB services

The ICB provides a wide range of services that cover the following fields:

  • Product innovation: a team of product developers guides companies through the process of transforming ideas into successful product launches.
  • Sector-wide development: the ICB has extensive experience in implementing sector-wide improvements with a range of parties.
  • Technical advice: as an independent party, TNO gives technical advice on areas including product development, process improvement, damage analysis and legal proceedings.
  • Knowledge transfer: the knowledge transfer programme offers SMEs access to knowledge relating to construction and greenhouse horticulture.

Connecting platform

The Innovation Centre for Building:

  • is the central TNO platform and one-stop-shop for the construction and greenhouse horticulture sectors.
  • works with companies to realise innovations in the construction and horticulture sectors.
  • offers technical support and advice on innovations (including product innovations) and complex issues.
  • combines knowledge of your business and the construction domain with the relevant expertise within TNO. This expertise is highly diverse: from loss assessment to fundamental materials research, and from BIM to energy technology.
  • links questions from the industry to TNO's knowledge-development agenda.
  • focuses on companies and parties in the construction and greenhouse horticulture sectors, such as: contractors, installation companies, suppliers, growers, housing corporations and sector associations.

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Expertise groups

Drs. Peter Paul van 't Veen

  • building
  • construction
  • infrastructure


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