Structural Reliability

We know how to add innovation in the design, development and maintenance of durable and safe structures due to our broad knowledge on risk analysis, dynamics, structural and physical behaviour of concrete, steel and aluminium as well as the durability of concrete.


  • Meassurement and prediction of vibration and low frequent noise impact on the built environment
  • Design of measures to reduce vibrations and low frequent noise in structures
  • Building acoustics in relation to light weight buuilding structures
  • Assessment of structural safety of infrastructural works and buildings
  • Inspection and monitoring of concrete structures
  • Durability predictions and service life designof structures
  • Microscopy of building materials
  • Evaluation of damage and design of repair systems for structures
  • (Quantitative) risk analyses for the built environment including safety aspects
  • Assessment of flood risks
  • Functional specification of design requirements for complex building projects

First test in Malawi with innovative ceramic bricks to combat deforestation

25 February 2020
The market demand for construction materials is tremendous in developing countries due to a growing population. TNO works together with Terrastone in Malawi to introduce strong, environmental friendly... Read more

License agreement on innovative cool bricks in Malawi

05 July 2019
TNO and Terrastone ltd – a major construction firm in Malawi – signed a license agreement to kick off the production of cold ceramic bricks. TNO developed these strong, red ‘cool bricks’, which can be... Read more

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