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Building Information Models - BIM

The term BIM has many different explanations.  It can stand for a ‘Building Information Model’ which represents a building. It can also stand for ‘Building Information Management’ which has a stronger focus on the process of creating a virtual data model. TNO has a long history and track record on the development and implementation of BIM technology and processes.

Research and practical knowledge learns that using BIM can improve the quality of a building and can lower the cost of life cycle management. In the end BIM is about data. Using data in a smart way can improve the quality of the work and the end-result (the building).

Companies should be free to choose their own processes, data structure and softwaretools. In the end it is about the job at hand and freedom to decide the best method for the individual company.

When companies have to collaborate the BIM collaboration shouldn’t be an issue. Merging data and processes into a single collaborative process should be supported by tools and technology. TNO is working on open data standards and (open source) tools to support this. Our tools like BIMserver.org, the BIM protocol generator, the BIM Quickscan, BIM Quality blocks, and may more, are international leading tools and initiatives that push our industry towards innovation.

In the end, BIM is the driver for better collaboration, better processes and better buildings. All based on better data.


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