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Building processes

The way building processes are organized determine to a large extent the efficiency of building projects. TNO is a leading partner and initiator of multidisciplinary process innovation in the value chain in the construction sector.

TNO helps customers, governments and businesses to achieve strategic goals through constant attention to the optimization of building processes. TNO's ambition is to improve the process and product flexibility for the end users, the performance of buildings and infrastructures, and the professional services geared to realization, management and operation of the built environment. Innovation through value chain integration in the construction sector as well as optimisation of the design and engineering processes are essential to achieving an effective collaboration in the whole development process.

Added value

TNO identifies problems in the building process and offers solutions, alternatives and concepts that add value through innovative building processes. This approach takes account of societal issues like energy, flexibility and sustainability. The keyword in this context is 'together'. Innovation in the building and construction world can only be effected through good cooperation among the different players in the chain. In its research, TNO works together with all stakeholders in the construction sector and other knowledge institutes. TNO experts of building processes carry out research and consultancy for governments, European Commission, professional associations, and small, medium and large industries. Our customers can count on TNO's technical and engineering knowledge as well as the supervision during the implementation process of innovative projects.


TNO is an experienced player in building process innovation; it is up to date with the actual challenges and it has a broad network with all players with different roles in the construction sector. For examples of the projects, see cases.


Dr. ir. Bart Luiten

  • sustainability
  • BIM
  • GIS
  • semantic web
  • linked open data


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