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Collaboration on product innovations

Do you have an idea for a product innovation or process innovation that you want to market? The ICB has a team of product developers who can guide you through the steps that lead to a successful market launch. In addition, TNO is always on the lookout for entrepreneurs who are interested in turning ideas developed by the ICB into profitable market products.

Product innovations in progress

TNO invites market players to collaborate on successful process or product innovations. First, in a no-obligations discussion, we define the necessary steps. It is also possible to carry out an Innovation Scan before development begins, to compare the envisaged product against the competition. This helps to refine the business case. Other options include a feasibility study and a Proof of Principle.

Innovated with TNO

A range of ideas have been developed in the various departments at TNO. Examples are: cold-fired brick, smart coatings and innovative building products such as door and window systems with integrated technology. The ICB is always looking for entrepreneurs who want to develop these ideas into profitable products. TNO provides the knowledge, and the entrepreneur markets the product under the 'Innovated with TNO' label. Successes to date include Polytreat, developed by Mevo in collaboration with TNO. Polytreat is a sustainably produced wood treatment that gives softwood the properties of hardwood. Another example is a web application developed by BLITTS that enables private individuals to apply for planning permission without assistance from experts.

Contact TNO here to discuss your ideas for a product or process innovation in the building sector or to discover which ideas you can realise under the 'Innovated with TNO' label.

Our work

Building processes

The way building processes are organized determine to a large extent the efficiency of building projects. TNO is a leading partner and initiator of multidisciplinary process innovation in the value chain... Read more


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