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Comprehensive technical assessment of existing homes

Good information is crucial to decisions on the future of existing homes in older neighbourhoods. This information concerns the technical condition, required maintenance and the investments needed for this. TNO regularly examines the technical condition of apartment blocks for the proprietors of the buildings and residents organisations.

TNO provides expert advice on which measures can be taken and explores possible future scenarios for the complex. During the orientation phase information about the complex is gathered and insight is acquired into the possible weak aspects and deficiencies of the housing. The investigation work is determined consultatively depending on the outcome of the orientation. This tends to be:

  • architectural inspection of the construction (subsidence, crack formation) and general state of the construction;
  • inspection of the installations;
  • inspection and measurements of the strength of the masonry joints;
  • inspection and measurements of the damp in timber frames;
  • infrared measurements (establishing heat insulation level);
  • damp measurements;
  • noise measurements.

Assessing the measures

Depending on the outcome of the investigation, we draft a report on:

  • the architectural condition;
  • the condition of the installations;
  • the level of living comfort, including:
  • the physical performance of the building (heat and damp)
  • health aspects (ventilation, air quality, noise insulation);
  • energy efficiency.

The basis for the assessments is in line with the Building Decree (requirements for existing and new building) and the criteria employed by TNO for assessing masonry, timber frames and installations. The assessments enable TNO to indicate the measures that are necessary to upgrade the homes to the (minimum) level of the Building Decree.

Future scenarios

The condition of the homes as established is the foundation of the development of a future vision for the complex. In consultation with the customer, the required quality levels of the homes are determined and then TNO recommends the measures needed to realise this. The architectural, procedural and financial consequences of the future scenarios are identified in order to make the pros and cons of the various scenarios clear. TNO can also provide additional recommendations concerning:

  • damp problems and physical building problems;
  • damage to plasterwork and masonry;
  • timber damage;
  • damage to and protection of concrete;
  • constructional problems;
  • health risks.

Finally, TNO can explore social and market aspects such as strategic stock management. By combining professional expertise and extensive laboratory facilities, it is possible to customise recommendations and assess measures and products in terms of their suitability. If you want TNO to give you an assessment of your housing, get in touch with us.


Nancy Westerlaken MSc

  • Innovation Centre Building
  • Product and Concept Development
  • Strategic Asset Modelling
  • Building Performance Modelling


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