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Results-oriented building

A really good building is one that goes beyond compliance with legal rules and completion requirements, and also meets the user's needs. In other words, it has to be functional, but also sustainable, healthy and comfortable. Operation and maintenance must remain financially attractive, also in the long term. There is a better, more efficient and effective building and maintenance approach that makes all this possible: results-oriented building.

TNO supports projects and advises organizations on results-oriented building. The approach gives priority to designing functionality into a building. The functional design specifies in detail the functions that will produce the result the user wants, and how they are to be implemented. It also states financial requirements for completion, housing costs, maintenance and long-term operation (the total cost of ownership). For example, when selecting materials, a higher price may be balanced against lower maintenance and operating costs.

Results-oriented building demands a new way of working together. The contractor's obligation to perform, where he is subsequently assessed on price, structural quality and completion date, makes way for an obligation to produce a certain result, where he is assessed in advance on quality. In return there are new revenue opportunities: for example, contractors make agreements about maintenance, which creates continuity of work.


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