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Results-oriented property maintenance: simple economical

Property companies and maintenance firms benefit from clear mutual agreements about methods, technical details and quality of their maintenance programmes. Much time and money is now lost on complicated contracts, procedures and dealing with external parties. A concept developed by TNO makes all this redundant: 'results-oriented property maintenance'. TNO trains property managers and their maintenance firms in this working method.

For property managers, technical administration has been replaced by economical operation as the centre of gravity for operations. Contracting out maintenance at low cost is therefore an attractive idea. Results-oriented property maintenance means that property owners make agreements directly with maintenance firms, cutting out external consultants and inspectors, with all their attendant costs. The maintenance company performs maintenance as it sees fit, within prior agreements, which must be clear, reliable and verifiable. TNO therefore trains property managers and maintenance firms in defining the appropriate quality level, translating quality requirements into maintenance programmes, and embedding and documenting working methods and procedures. TNO supervises subsequent pilot projects, certifies maintenance firms for results-oriented property maintenance, and independently assesses delivered quality when disputes arise.


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