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E2B: the top building research programme for Europe

E2B (Energy Efficient Buildings) is a European Public Private Partnership geared to researching, developing and demonstrating energy-efficient buildings via European projects.

A National Liaison Point (NLP) has been established for each participating country. The Dutch NLP is being coordinated by TNO and has a dual objective: to update members promptly on E2B developments around Europe, such as new calls and research results, and to include input from Dutch industry in the E2B research agenda.

Participating in E2B projects

E2B is interesting not only for universities and research institutes but certainly also for industry and the SME sector. Participation in the E2B programmes is effected via calls, comparable with other European research programmes. For the period 2010-2013 a budget of around 1 billion euros has been made available, 50% of which is being contributed by the European Commission. Participation is not only crucial for companies (including SMEs) that want to and can influence the European Research Agenda, but is also vital to boosting their innovation and competitiveness.

Becoming a member of the Dutch NLP

The NLPs were initiated to get commitment from national parties and to synchronise national programming and incentives with the E2B programme. Membership of the NLP gives members exclusive access to the E2B activities of the NLP, prompt information about E2B calls that are about to open and, moreover, an excellent network platform.


Prof.Dr. Olaf Adan MSc

  • thermochemical heat storage
  • energy storage
  • energy efficiency in the built environment
  • materials technology
  • Horizon2020


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