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Energy performance

TNO plays an important role in the technical development of the Dutch energy performance standard (NEN 7120) and is also actively involved in the development of energy performance standards on European level. We also regularly perform energy performance policy studies in relation to regulations, resident influence, comfort and health.

TNO has a coordinating role in BUILD UP, the European web portal for energy efficiency in the built environment. Main focus is the implementation of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and its recast. This directive took effect in January 2006 and its main goal is to substantially reduce energy consumption in buildings. BUILD UP joins the European forces in the field of energy in the built environment, promotes information exchange between (market) parties, and helps them to have the latest methods, tools and cases. In the European CENSE project the aim was to achieve better awareness and more effective use of the European (CEN) standards that are related to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). This has led to a series of recommendations for developing a "second generation" of this calculation package. These recommendations were adopted by CEN and the European Commission.

Our research covers the following diverse fields:

  • Development of energy performance methods for building regulation (for NEN, CEN, European Commission);
  • Study of energy performance methods for existing buildings (EPA, EPBD);
  • Studies into the suitability of energy performance methods for extremely low EPC and nearly Zero Energy Buildings;
  • Studies with the goal to reduce the difference between the calculated energy performance and the actual energy consumption, with focus on user behavior and actual performance of building services;
  • International comparison of and recommendations for determining energy performance methods (European Commission, countries, market stakeholders; EU projects like ASIEPI and 3encult);
  • Development of methods to set the energy performance of innovative techniques (development of standards (NEN, CEN/ISO) or in respect of 'parity');
  • Study of policy in the field of energy performance (EPBD, EPN, EPA).




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