Our work

Heat pumps

TNO has been involved in the field of heat pumps for some thirty years and has built up broad expertise in this period for applications in the built environment, farming and industry.

Our services cover three areas:


Cost-effective heat pump systems:
  • heat pumps
  • absorption heat pumps
New concepts:
  • systems with minimal cooling content
  • systems based on natural cooling
  • systems for existing buildings and building renovation
Innovative systems:
  • magnetic heat pumps
  • melt-free air coolers

Testing and approvals

Product development support Standard tests in line with:

  • electrical heat pumps: EN255 en EN14511
  • heat pump boilers: NEN5128
  • gas-fired heat pumps: EN12309
  • quality mark for heat pumps
Parity statements in the framework of EPN
Reduction tests/completion measurement
Type approvals in subsidy schemes


General heat pumps information point for:

  • project developers
  • users
  • manufacturers and suppliers
  • advisors and installation firms
  • second opinions for groundbreaking system designs
  • quickscans of heat pump systems and system optimisation
  • analysis of integrated energy systems (such as heat pumps with heat storage and WK)
  • participation in building teams


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