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Ventilation has an impact on a buildings energy use and air quality, as well as helping to determine how comfortable it is to be in. It is vital, then, for building designers to find an optimum balance between these three components. But this is complicated by the sometimes-conflicting demands of the government, the users and the building managers.

TNO can be of assistance during the design phase by modelling, in great detail, the ventilating currents of buildings and other structures with our specially designed programming. We also work closely with market participants to develop and optimise new ventilation products, such as components for natural ventilation, balanced ventilation and ventilation systems combined with heat recovery.

TNO does a great deal of research into the application of indirect adiabatic cooling combined with balanced ventilation systems (and heat recovery). Some examples:

  • Performance evaluation of heat recovery systems and heat pumps under industry standards;
  • Frost-proofing for heat recovery systems;
  • Developing indirect adiabatic cooling systems for the mobile sector (RVs, lorries);
  • Legionella-free humidification in air conditioning systems;
  • Dehumidification of greenhouses in the horticulture sector.

We also research such topics as how to optimise apparatus for recycling the residual heat from the ventilating air. And we provide consultation on control systems for fresh air systems.

  • Development of demand-driven hybrid ventilation methods, control and products, such as RESHYVENT;
  • Development of self-regulating and regulated air grates;
  • Development of special software for determining pressure distribution in and around buildings;
  • Cabinair: improving air quality and comfort in aeroplanes;
  • Ventilation for nearly smoke-free work environments;
  • Radon en ventilation in Dutch homes;
  • Air quality control in surgery units;


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