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Greenhouse structures

The rapid developments in greenhouse horticulture are clearly evident in the design of new greenhouse structures. Ever greater connected greenhouse surfaces are being built, greenhouses are getting taller and greater spans and window pane measurements are being used. New greenhouse cover systems must ensure more light in the greenhouse and fewer emissions.

Since the introduction of the new greenhouse construction standard NEN 3859 on 1 September 2005, greenhouse cover systems must comply with stricter requirements concerning their ability to withstand storms. TNOs researchers are closely involved in the developments in greenhouse horticulture. They combine scientific and experimental research for the advancement of the construction of efficient and economic greenhouses. TNO is developing the new greenhouse concepts in cooperation with Dutch greenhouse builders and their suppliers. The glass greenhouse is today an exceptional Dutch export item. No less than 80% of all glass greenhouses currently in use outside of Europe come from the Netherlands.


TNO works hard to promote the construction of efficient and economic structures. To this end, TNO is always developing new knowledge and insights in the field of modern greenhouses. Close involvement with the sector is of great importance, so that our research is always in line with current practice and our results can be applied in practice.

Experimental research

To carry out experiments, TNO has at its disposal a testing facility in which parts of horticulture greenhouses can be examined. Among other things, this concerns research into the strength of glass panels at full size, the ability of greenhouse cover systems to withstand storm and hail and the strength of prefab foundation elements. The majority of the experimental research is carried out for greenhouse builders and suppliers in order to support product development and product optimisation.


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