Greenhouse Horticulture: efficiency through the use of innovative technologies

Greenhouse horticulture is a key driver of the Dutch economy. The sector enjoys a leading international position, established through smart innovations in energy-saving and labour-saving technology and efficient production methods. In order to maintain this position, the sector must continually improve its efficiency. TNO advises businesses in the sector and provides support by translating innovative technologies into practical applications.

TNO has drawn up a technology roadmap in collaboration with horticulture businesses.

The areas to which TNO contributes are listed below:

Subject Innovations in
Systems integration Design support, new greenhouse concepts for geographic locations
Greenhouse climate model (3D) Information on ventilation and moisture flows in greenhouses, more efficient/effective climate control, model-based control
Innovative climate installations Dehumidifier with heat recovery, new screening materials and concepts
Water cycle Water reuse, nutrient recovery, oxygen transfer, disinfection
Increase productivity Process structure, active support for work processes
Food safety Risk management in the chain, microbiology analysis techniques
Flavour engineering Release mechanisms (coatings),
Correlation between growing conditions and flavour/health properties
Sensors Optical sensors for climate and water quality, image enhancement, 3D vision
Geothermics, CO2 storage Crackability prediction, increase injectivity, zeolite buffer


Horticulture field lab

In order to maintain contact with businesses in the sector, TNO has a horticulture field lab at Demokwekerij Westland, the well-known demo-nursery at the heart of the Westland horticultural region. The demo-nursery brings together growers and suppliers, for example to discuss innovations. TNO has its own greenhouse area for trialling new technologies, as well as an area for demonstrating tried-and-tested innovations.

Working with TNO

TNO has developed a wealth of innovative techniques from which businesses can benefit. Cooperation can take various forms, such as working together on the solution to a current problem, or the provision of advice on possibilities for improving business processes. Entrepreneurs in the greenhouse horticulture sector who are interested in finding out more can contact Egon Janssen.



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