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Construction and installation in greenhouse horticulture

Experience has shown that a dramatic reduction of sickness absence and accidents can be achieved by establishing agreements about safe work practices, talking to each other about safety-related behaviour and methods, and making resources available.

Modern greenhouses are being built higher, sheets of glass are getting larger and the systems are becoming more complex. Parallel to this trend, there are fewer available periods and less time for construction, installation, and repairs. This elevates the risk of accidents during work carried out on such modern greenhouses and systems.

n collaboration with Dutch trade organization for greenhouse horticulture contractors AVAG and its members, TNO has developed a digital handbook Safe work practices that companies can implement immediately. This HSE catalogue shows how people who work in this sector can perform their work safely. This is important, not only because working safely is mandatory under the Health and Safety Act, but above all because safety is one of the essential conditions for enabling employees to perform their work with confidence and pleasure. This handbook includes practical instructions for carrying out construction and repair activities in a safe, healthy manner.

Costs and benefits

TNO and AVAG have developed a mathematical model to provide companies with insight into the costs and benefits associated with safe and healthy working practices. In addition to financial considerations, other arguments are also considered and evaluated. The mathematical model is applicable to virtually all work related to greenhouses: new construction, maintenance, repairs, and the effects of these activities on the crop. A number of sample calculations are also provided that pertain to innovations for both contractors and growers. The TNO innovation area Work and Employment has the knowledge and experience, both in terms of process and content, to carry out this type of project. In doing so, we work closely with those performing the work in the companies to attain an optimum result.

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