The horticulture sector is a labour-intensive sector. Work that is still often done manually, however, must be done efficiently. Growers are therefore constantly looking for more efficient tools for their personnel. D4HP optimizes human performance through the process and tools. The result: your people work more efficiently, in a healthier manner, and with greater comfort and pleasure.

In the greenhouse horticulture sector we are confronted with complex logistics processes, physically demanding manual work, and vast knowledge that is only in employees' heads. Technological developments have to be implemented daily. The sector is also characterized by rapid market changes, which is why companies are faced with the need to increase labour productivity and flexibility. Furthermore you must make do with available labour in a diverse labour market; the diversity of employees is not a choice but a fact. How do your employees find their niche in this situation, and how do you ensure they are performing optimally and remain healthy and flexible? Design for Human Performance from TNO is your answer. With this comprehensive approach TNO enables organizations to improve labour productivity, efficiency, and customization within the framework established above.

Performance optimization

You can get the best out of your people when workplaces, work processes and supporting technical resources, such as equipment, tools, and ICT, are tailored to your employees. You take this into account by considering the wide variety of talents, work styles, and needs of your employees. For example, our approach factors in age-aware personnel policy. In close collaboration with growers and suppliers, TNO works on:

  • Developing ergonomic, top-end products;
  • Developing effective tools;
  • Evaluating and improving new equipment, boosting productivity and comfort and minimizing health-related risks;
  • Designing and evaluating workstations and workplace arrangements.


Expertise A multidisciplinary team of TNO experts in the fields of product development, physical stress/ergonomics, organization science and personnel policy have the right know-how and advanced methods and techniques to create practical solutions. Our approach is to focus on the tasks your employees have to perform and design workplaces such that innovation and productivity are taken to a higher level. Our solutions - with proven acceptance in the workplace, optimum user comfort, ergonomically tailored to the user and appropriate to the often complex working environment and logistical context - set the standard. TNO has extensive experience in a range of industries and with widely-ranging projects, both large and small in scale. A detailed description can be found on our website.


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