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In situ hydrogen peroxide generation in the greenhouse

Swimming pool operators prefer not to store large quantities of chemicals. And swimming pool maintainers prefer not to have to handle them to disinfect the pool water. Therefore tests are underway to generate the hydrogen peroxide disinfectant on site, in the water. TNO is investigating the benefits of this technology for use in the greenhouse.

A little water, some salt, electricity, and electrochemical technology developed by TNO: this is all you need to make hydrogen peroxide solutions yourself. The suitability of hydrogen peroxide is already known: it can simply be added to the dirty water, without any need for separate water flows. Tests with this new electrochemical disinfection technology in pools demonstrate the benefits. The need to buy and store chemicals is a thing of the past: you make hydrogen peroxide yourself, on site, in the required quantity, whenever you need it. Other chemicals are no longer required and the right dosage can be added to the dirty water automatically.

Hydrogen peroxide concentrations up to 10% are achieved with this technology, and the techno-economic evaluation shows that the cost may be lower than the bulk price for hydrogen peroxide ( < €0.30 /kg - based on 30% hydrogen peroxide ).

In addition to disinfection applications, the produced hydrogen peroxide can be used in combination with UV radiation to break down organic compounds (through advanced oxidation). This technique can be applied to reduce environmental emissions of priority substances such as drugs, drug residues, and pesticides.


Roel Bisselink MSc

  • Electrodialysis
  • Electrochemistry
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Modeling
  • Pertraction

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