TNO is working on open innovations in horticulture. By using our knowledge in the field of CO2 techniques Geothemie and water cycle or greenhouse structures to implement a comprehensive solution, we help the customer to realize economic and social impact and maintain its international lead sector.

Valuable innovations


Greenhouse structures

TNO is developing the new greenhouse concepts in cooperation with Dutch greenhouse builders and their suppliers. The glass greenhouse is today an exceptional Dutch export item. No less than 80% of all glass greenhouses currently in use outside of Europe come from the Netherlands.


Systems integration for international greenhouse horticul

TNO is working with businesses to develop the System Integration and Optimisation Model (SIOM), a decision-making support model that helps in finding the optimum design.


Greenhouse climate model optimises yield

Reducing the variations leads to higher yields, improved quality and lower heating costs - also in greenhouses with active ventilation. TNO is working on a model that identifies local differences in flows, temperature, humidity and concentrations of substances, and invites entrepreneurs to participate in the development process.


CASTA: a computing miracle for greenhouse design

The vast majority of greenhouses with a glass roof and glass walls are designed with the help of CASTA/Greenhouse, a software programme developed by TNO in collaboration with companies in the sector.


Water-storing greenhouse roof

- Innovative solution to store rainwater on greenhouse roofs
- Less risk of flooding
- Collection of more rainwater in the storage basin

Partners: Royal Haskoning DHV and Demokwekerij Westland


Storm proof greenhouse covering

- Advanced facilities for theoretical and experimental study of the
    storm resistance of greenhouse systems
- Adoptation of greenhouse coverings for specific climate and
    use conditions


Hail simulator

Unique test method and over 30 years’ experience to assess the risk of hail damage on plastics,  glass and metal roofing materials for horticultural  greenhouses.



Sustainable greenhouse? Put AQUATOP on top!

The Aquatop greenhouse has been designed and developed by TNO in cooperation with project partners KEMA and the companies Ideeuwes and Bosvariant. The design incorporates a Smartdek, a greenhouse cover for flat-roofed greenhouses that has thermal and optical properties.


Resfood reuse: reducing industrial water footprint

The RESFOOD project will have a great impact on  the resource efficiency in food production and  processing, by big saving and recovery of water,  nutrients, energy and recovery of valuable materials from raw agricultural materials.



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