Infrastructure: asset management, safe and sustainable

By accurately determining the infrastructure load and the condition of the infrastructure, we contribute to improved asset management. Safety is a top priority, and TNO specialises in risk assessment. Our research activities help to cut costs, reduce environmental pollution and improve availability.

Information relating to the condition of and burden on the infrastructure is the basis for making well-informed decisions on repair, renovation and replacement. TNO develops innovative monitoring systems and models that predict service life. We use sophisticated risk analyses to ensure the safety of, for example, structures and flood protection. In many cases, this information is used in drawing up European assessment directives and calculation standards. We contribute to reducing environmental impact caused by infrastructure. We carry out environmental assessments for the entire infrastructure life cycle, develop more durable materials, and design recycling processes. We also assess noise and vibration nuisance, and develop measures for reducing this. In order to accelerate the pace of innovation in the civil-engineering sector, we develop calculation tools that provide objective measurements of the duration of infrastructure works and the related traffic nuisance. The data can then be used to formulate permit criteria for the awarding of contracts.

Four general fields of work of TNO

  • Monitoring and asset management. Monitoring public works, roads and railways helps to assess their condition more accurately, and in some cases more cheaply. Measurement data can be used as input for predictive models, allowing a more accurate calculation of the remaining useful life. In other words: Measure, Predict, Decide.
  • Safety and risk assessment. This includes research and innovation in the areas of water safety, tunnel safety, structural safety and the assessment of actual traffic impact on public works.
  • Sustainable infrastructure. This field involves studying the environmental performance of roads and public works, developing innovations for concrete and roads to assess and reduce noise and vibration nuisance. TNO believes that CO2 emissions can be reduced by at least 40%.
  • Stimulating innovation in tendering procedures. Utilising the resources of the market to create innovative contracting solutions.

Buildings & Infrastructure

Arie Bleijenberg MSc

  • infrastructure
  • asset management


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