Infrastructure: roads, rail, locks, bridges and tunnels

The infrastructure in the Netherlands consists of roads and railways and civil works such as locks, bridges and tunnels. This infrastructure is the carrier of our society and economy. The existing infrastructure is ageing, but at the same time it is being used more and more intensively. Every year, operators spend a total of almost € 6 billion to preserve and maintain it. TNO works on extending the safe useful life of rail, roads and civil works.

We invest in developments that reduce the cost of infrastructure maintenance and increase availability. For this purpose we work on testing, measurement, calculation, prediction, protection and repair. We combine a range of expertise areas in our research and innovations, particularly knowledge of materials, structures, risk assessment, advanced measurement and test methods, control systems, data processing and analysis, and environmental impact. Our asset management is based on tailored approaches for each type of civil work.

Applying our expertise

We apply our areas of expertise to:

  • Asphalt and road building. Development of innovative asphalt, road monitoring, solutions for joints and joints structures, and the realisation of methods for improved asphalt assessment.
  • Bridges and viaducts. Our work in this field relates to extending useful life, the realistic calculation of traffic load, and the monitoring and improvement of steel and concrete structures.
  • Locks and water safety. We apply knowledge of risk approaches and methodologies in our studies. We apply our knowledge of structures and materials to assess structures and develop innovations.
  • Railways. We work on monitoring rails and overhead lines and limiting noise and vibration nuisance, and we carry out research into bridges and viaducts.
  • Tunnels. We provide specialist knowledge for specific issues (e.g. safety) relating to tunnels. We also contribute to the realisation of legislation and regulations.

Buildings & Infrastructure

Arie Bleijenberg MSc

  • infrastructure
  • asset management


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