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Asset management

The Netherlands has an extensive infrastructure. With a value of € 350 billion, this infrastructure is an important asset for our economy, and every year approximately € 6 billion is spent to maintain and preserve it. Good asset management results in lower costs, greater availability and predictable funding needs, and prevents unnecessary hindrance.

TNO works on methods, models and techniques for analysing the three elements (cost, risk and performance) of maintenance scenarios and innovations and obtaining specific, transparent, straightforward and comparative information. This provides decision-makers with insight into the consequences of the choices they make.

Decision-supporting information

Good management and maintenance require information on the cost (including long-term costs) of scenarios and the consequences of the scenarios in terms of performance and risk. TNO develops models that can provide clear, straightforward and transparent information. These include a model for analysing the social costs and benefits of maintenance work ('MKBO' model) and the framework that was developed in the European ASCAM Project (asset service condition assessment methodology) and is being developed further in the European TRIMM project. Models such as these make it possible to calculate maintenance scenarios and hence generate predictions for the costs, risks and performance of the asset.

TNO also provides cost-benefit models for specific innovations, such as the social costs and benefits of using monitoring systems for specialist applications (steel bridges, expansion joints, asphalt, cathodic protection). With these calculations, too, we provide asset managers with the necessary decision-information to make responsible decisions.

Our work

Monitoring and Asset Management

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Our work

Extending service life civil structures

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Our work

Repairing and protecting asphalt

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Our work

Probabilistic method

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Jos Wessels MSc

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  • asset management


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