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Impact of traffic on civil works

Bridges must be expected to be safe. But what traffic loads should be counted for when designing new bridges or assessing existing ones? TNO uses measurement data to develop probabilistic models for determining design loads. The methodology is used in, among others, for the current European load standards for civil works (Eurocode).

Current calculation rules are based on assumptions. In uncertain situation conservative assumtions are made. Measurements on the other give a more accurate picture of the actual situation and the impact on civil work in terms of water, wind and traffic. This means that the assessment of an existing bridge may be based on the actual situation. Taking into account actual traffic load enables us to predict a bridge's useful life more accurately. TNO provides knowledge in the following areas:

  • obtaining information by measuring the actual situation
  • structural safety (load effect and strength analyses)
  • Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) data
  • simplifying calculation rules.

Precise determination

TNO uses measurement data to develop accurate load models based on probabilistic principles. When these models are combined with knowledge of how load affects the structural behavior and the strength, the structural safety can be determined more accurate.

Our work

Probabilistic method

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Our work

Bridges and viaducts

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Our work

Safety and risk assessment

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