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Monitoring and Asset Management

Europe's infrastructure is ageing rapidly. As a result, the emphasis is shifting from building new infrastructure to maintaining existing infrastructure. TNO develops techniques, methods and models to ensure the efficient preservation, maintenance and optimum performance of the infrastructure network, with the emphasis on keeping costs low and limiting environmental impact and nuisance to the local area.

In Netherlands we spend as much as € 6 billion on maintaining the infrastructure that was built in the past. At the same time, we are placing ever-higher requirements on the infrastructure network. Asset management is used in the preservation of the network. Efficient maintenance and preservation require knowledge of the current condition and expected developments. For this purpose, TNO develops innovative monitoring and inspection techniques for obtaining information on the condition of the infrastructure. Models are used to process the data and can estimate the remaining useful life of structures. This reduces the element of uncertainty, enabling infrastructure network managers to plan repair work and replacement more specifically, thereby reducing maintenance costs and keeping nuisance to a minimum.


Monitoring and asset management focuses on aspects including:

  • Monitoring of public works to assess the condition of existing hydraulic and non-hydraulic structures.
  • Road monitoring and measurements, geared to the quality of asphalt.
  • Railway monitoring, for example by measurements on overhead lines.
  • Asset management: TNO builds on monitoring and predictive models to develop decision-support systems for purposes such as social cost-benefit analysis for maintenance decisions, optimising land management, and maintenance and inspection regimes.

Our work

Monitoring civil works

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Our work

Road measurement and monitoring

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Our work

Asset management

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