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Prob2B(TM) for the reliability of predictions

Probabilistic (predictive) designs often consider and calculate many potential situations. This calculation can so time consuming especially if you consider that it tends to be limited to just a few scenarios. However, TNO has come up with a handy tool that combines the available methods and knowledge relating to probabilistic designs: Prob2BTM (formely ProBox).

This software enables you to quickly and efficiently calculate the probability for particular events. An example of a phenomenon that is difficult to predict is fire and the resulting smoke. How a fire starts and spreads depends on so many factors, including the flammable material, the quality, method of ventilation and how it operates, etc. Then it's a matter of determining the impact of these factors and to what extent they ultimately dominate the prediction. Prob2BTM (formely ProBox) provides insight into such questions quickly.

Different applications

This program enables probabilistic analyses to be performed based on different applications. One version is available that controls applications in conventional program languages (like Fortran and C) and from newer environments (like MatLab, MatCad and FemLab). Dll's and stand-alone applications can also be controlled direct from Prob2BTM (formely ProBox).

So Prob2BTM (formely ProBox) can perform full probabilistic calculations using any model. Input can be partitioned as you wish (such as normal, log-normal, exponential beta, gumbel) and for the solutions various methods are to hand (including Crude Monte Carlo, Numerical Integration, Directional Sampling (DS) and First Order Reliability Method (FORM)).

To download a demo version of the Prob2B (TM) software fill in the following form



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