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Safe infrastructure at minimal cost

Maintenance based on monitoring and forecasting the integrity of structures,  is the most effective way to safeguard structural integrity while reducing maintenance costs, maximizing the “up-time” of the structures and allowing utilisation in a different way than a structure was originally designed for.

The successful development of a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) capability will require the further development and integration of many technology areas including non-destructive measurement, sensing/data processing/telemetry, and a variety of deterministic and probabilistic predictive modelling capabilities with the ability to quantify the uncertainty in the predictions. The multi-disciplinary and challenging nature of the problem, its current embryonic state of development, and its tremendous potential for safety and economic benefits qualify CBM as a ‘grand challenge’ problem in the twenty-first century. This Structural Integrity program aims at breakthroughs with respect to this grand CBM challenge which enable:

    • Detection and monitoring of (precursors of) degradation inside steel/cement/concrete structures

        and use this information for
    • Diagnosis of their structural health and forecast the service life for various intervention options

Three use cases

This 4 year program will have wide application for maintenance of large structures, in particular in the transportation infrastructure and the energy production infrastructure.  
The technology developed will initially be directed at the following three use cases:

  • Concrete, steel reinforced bridge
  • Offshore wind structure
  • Well integrity

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