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Steel structures

Fluctuating loads, such as traffic or train loads on bridges or wave load on lock gates, may initiate fatigue failure in steel structures. Eventually this may lead to unacceptable cracks and possibly less structural reliability than required. TNO provides support for optimizing the design of new structures and assessing the residual service life of existing structures.

Standards and models based on Wöhler Curves (S-N curves) help to predict the fatigue life of a structure. TNO's in-depth knowledge goes beyond this. We can identify the parts of a design that are susceptible to fatigue, and therefore recommend modifications to reduce that susceptibility. This results in a longer service life.

Existing structures

We can use calculations for predicting the remaining service life of existing structures. For this purpose also the results of inspections may be used. In the case of existing structures also load and load effect measurements contribute to a more precise prediction of the remaining service life.

Our work

Safety and risk assessment

Safety is a precondition for our infrastructure. In many cases, current regulations are not adequate for existing buildings. TNO uses analysis and assessment methods to develop frameworks for ensuring... Read more
Our work

Damage investigation

In the event of a disaster, expert knowledge is essential in order to make a rapid assessment of the situation. Once the cause is known, the appropriate measures can be taken. Information from a disaster... Read more
Our work

Monitoring civil works

Many bridges, viaducts and locks will reach the end of their useful life in the years to come. Replacement or renovation work is a major undertaking. Costs are involved, and good planning is required... Read more
Our work

Bridges and viaducts

Our infrastructure has approximately 40,000 bridges and viaducts. These civil works are subject to ageing, and at the same time traffic loads are increasing. That is why one of our focus areas is to extend... Read more



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