In 2014 TNO, Deltares and Marin started to develop knowledge in the field of structures in the wet infrastructure. Since 2016, RWS (Department of Public Works) has also been actively involved, resulting in the joint programming of a wet structures knowledge programme for 2017 and beyond.

Investment programme 

The wet structures knowledge programme is intended as a long-term investment programme to increase knowledge about the technical and functional lifespan of wet engineering structures and to find solutions for the upcoming need to replace them. Asset management is becoming increasingly important. Efficient maintenance and handling of the end-of-life problems is necessary because of the limited resources and the ever-increasing demands placed on the functioning of the structures. The knowledge programme is strongly related to the programme Replacement & Renovation, Multiwaterworks and Locks that allows for the participation of water boards and industry. 

End of life 

The focus of the knowledge programme is on the technical and functional lifespan of wet structures. In addition, research is being carried out into the use of innovations for replacement and new construction, such as the use of fibre-reinforced plastics. The programme also makes room for research into how knowledge can play a role in decision-making at Rijkswaterstaat (Dept. Public Works) and the Water Boards and how the end-of-life issue can be seized as an opportunity for the development of the network or the area. 


The programme tries to be as practical as possible. Data from existing measurement campaigns, such as research into the condition of the structures in the Afsluitdijk, are used to generate more generic knowledge. Where necessary, such measurement campaigns are supplemented by additional information. The generic knowledge is recorded in reports and models and disseminated through the usual channels. Wherever possible, the knowledge is recorded in manuals, toolboxes, guidelines and/or standards. 


Drs. Peter Paul van 't Veen

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