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Optimising energy concepts to create energy efficient or energy positive buildings 

How do you set up your home, office or business premises in such a way that radiators, solar panels, solar collectors, energy storage, air vents, etc. form the most energy-efficient or even energy-positive building combination? TNO thinks with builders and project developers about an integrated solution concept.

Each building has its own energy usage requirements. The demand for heat, cold and electricity is particularly important for an optimal total solution. How many windows does the building have, what kind of windows are they, how big is the wall surface on the south side, what type of solar panels can be used, what can you do about the furnishing? And how do the users experience that? After all, they take a critical look at a building in terms of health, comfort, safety, costs and reliability. Downtime of installations or problems of comfort or health caused by incorrect building design should be kept to a minimum. 

Integral solutions 

TNO helps market parties such as developers, builders, housing corporations and municipalities that are looking to create an area to devise and develop optimum concepts. Selecting the right solution or partial solution requires broad and in-depth knowledge of complex regulations, partial concepts and their application in practice. Partly as a result of European projects, we are able to provide this knowledge. The ability to think about integrated solutions is a unique characteristic of TNO. We use this skill for renovation or new construction concepts, but also for less common or urgent applications. Think of the layout of a military compound, a refugee camp or tents for emergency shelter after a natural disaster. After all, this is where the same questions arise with regard to the generation, transport, storage and use of energy. 

At the right address 

Do you have to make choices when designing, renovating or furnishing a building or complex? Are you looking for support in developing a sustainable concept? TNO is the right address for you. We help you find the best solution. 


Dr. ir. Sten de Wit

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