Green performance of ships

Among TNO's many activities to develop cleaner ships, the reduction in sulphur emissions has drawn particular attention in recent years. By 2015, not only new ships, but also all existing ships must conform to IMO legislation for sulphur emissions in certain coastal areas. TNO works closely with the shipping industry to ensure compliance with these stricter regulations, and to develop strategies that work best for each particular case.

To meet the demands of new legislation, TNO reviews each shipping company's specific needs, shipping routes and cost considerations. We then evaluate the most viable and effective option(s) for compliance. A customised plan for compliance can exist out of one, or a combination, of the following solutions:

  • Cleaner fuels: a switch to LNG or low-sulphur diesel fuel;
  • After-treatment: the installation of scrubbers that reduce sulphur content before emission; and
  • Clean ship strategies: the reallocation of shipping activities to clean fuel ships, or the changing of shipping routes to minimise travel in areas affected by the legislation.

TNO considers cost, legislation, environmental impact and shipping conditions to develop the most effective and efficient strategy for emission compliance.

Multiple levels of support

TNO supports the utilisation of cleaner ships on several levels. We help assess the best options for the shipping industry to meet the increasing demands of legislation. In addition, we help governments and authorities to implement regulations by providing the technology to monitor and control compliance. Third, our testing concepts and performance measurement technology ensure that after-treatment solutions provide adequate reduction of sulphur emissions, thereby sustaining compliance in the long term. By working directly with ship owners, equipment manufacturers and local authorities, TNO supports cleaner ships from concept to practice. Our testing facilities can provide proof of the efficacy of after-treatment options. Our strategies help shipping companies develop compliant and cost-conscious clean fuel strategies. And our support of legislators allows for efficient testing and controls.

Complete concepts

Of course, TNO's concepts and technology for cleaner ships address the majority of issues facing the industry. From reducing fuel consumption to controlling emissions, TNO is dedicated to finding the best solutions for legislative compliance and environmental awareness. In the case of sulphur emissions, TNO offers the knowledge and expertise to develop the most effective fuel strategies in the most cost-conscious way.

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