Operations at sea

As offshore companies dig deeper, and offshore wind parks grow larger than ever before, TNO strives to achieve more effective explorations at sea. From the optimisation of wind and tidal energy to the deepest deep-sea mining possible, TNO stands at the forefront of innovation in both technology and technique.

Together with equipment suppliers and shipping companies, TNO is accelerating innovation and eliminating roadblocks in the advancement of resource utilisation at sea. Harsh sea conditions and the limits of technology can prevent the optimal extraction of wind and tidal energy. TNO's innovations in corrosion control and conditional monitoring ensure that offshore wind and tidal installations operate at optimal levels. Our sensor technology sends vital information to on-shore support, who carefully monitor conditional maintenance needs. Controls from shore help create better, more efficient operations, such as load balancing or blade speed. In the future, TNO's technology will even offer predictive functionality for a more long-range view of maintenance needs.

In deep-sea mining, the search for scarce, rare minerals and increasing import costs are creating the need for new mining and extraction solutions. TNO helps companies dig deeper than ever before possible. Our testing facilities allow equipment suppliers and shipping companies to evaluate equipment under harsh, deep-sea conditions (up to 6km) and determine the effect these conditions have.

Major victories

TNO's knowledge, expertise and facilities help create real wins at sea. From the sensors that monitor wind turbine performance to the facilities that test deep-sea mining equipment, TNO is helping to shape the future of the Maritime and Offshore industry. Allowing companies to monitor and adjust the performance of wind and tidal farms, or to drill at pressures of up to 600 bars, makes the next wins at sea more possible than ever before.

TNO's ability to simulate sub-sea conditions and to provide effective strategies benefits the industry across the board. Together with equipment suppliers and offshore- and shipping companies, we are addressing current needs and anticipating future possibilities, every day. Taking into account unique maritime conditions, TNO develops effective strategies that create often-surprising outcomes.

Unexplored frontiers

As wind and tidal farms grow in size and in number, and as deep-sea mining goes deeper, companies need the knowledge, expertise and technology that only TNO can offer. Our independent status, keen understanding of specific sea conditions, and facilities to test and monitor innovations, TNO is a clear partner for new maritime discoveries.

Maritime & Offshore


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