Safe ship and offshore constructions

The need for lean, efficient at-sea crews is more important than ever before. As qualified crew members become scarcer, shipping companies require viable solutions for safety and efficiency at sea. TNO's advancements in sensor and communication technology are creating the possibility for more shore support and leaner, more efficient at-sea crews.

Together with the industry, we are working on technologies that will even offer predictive functionality for the next level of maintenance control. Using TNO's smart sensor technology, on-shore support crews can effectively monitor and evaluate a ship's maintenance needs, creating a condition-based maintenance system, which is more effective and efficient than time-based ones. By allocating evaluation, part supply and deployment of expertise to shore support, shipping companies can make most effective use of at-sea crews, and create a better balance. TNO technology is responsible for reducing the size of maintenance crews on board, thereby allowing for the most effective and aligned crews possible. In fact, TNO has been able to solve key personnel issues for major shipping partners. By reducing the number of on-board technical maintenance functions, companies can then allocate those crew positions to more needed roles, such as those in navigation and steering. In this way, TNO's technology helps create the leanest, most effective crews possible, while still maintaining the highest levels of control and maintenance.

Future focus

In the future, TNO aims to create even more effective sensor technology, which will offer predictive functionalities. If for example, our technology can indicate that maintenance will be required within 100 hours, then at-sea crews can plan the maintenance or part delivery into their regular port stops, or adjust their speed and trajectory to stave off the needed maintenance until a most convenient or efficient time. This predictive technology, closely monitored by shore support, can increase safety and improve efficiency. With each innovation, TNO is creating smarter ships that can be increasingly maintained, monitored and optimised by on-shore staff, thereby reducing costs and personnel concerns at sea. In addition to the obvious benefits in safety and efficiency, these innovations also benefit the crews, who spend less time at sea and more time on shore.

Unsurpassed expertise

Every day, TNO works to create more efficient, effective ships. Using our years of experience in the Maritime and Offshore industry, together with knowledge and innovation in other industries, TNO is leading the way in developing smarter ships. From collision prevention to cost reduction to personnel issues, TNO is addressing current industry needs, and looking to the future possibilities that will take us even further. Our sensor and communication technology are creating lean, efficient crews. With an eye on safety, cost-efficiency and effectiveness, TNO offers the strategies and technology for equipment monitoring, asset management and crew support. Together with both equipment suppliers and shipping companies, TNO is creating smarter ships that run more safely and more efficiently than ever before.

Maritime & Offshore


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