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Protection against explosions and fires

TNO is developing fire- and blast-resistant structures that meet military and private-sector needs worldwide. Navy frigates, merchant ships, tankers and offshore drilling platforms all face potential threats from mines, grenades, rockets or RPGs. Accidents can also cause explosions and fire.

For decades, TNO has been working on products that save lives and minimize the risk of damage to ships or platforms. The approach can be summarized in two words: integrated design. This involves coherence in structures, systems and human activities. If measures to improve a ship's resilience and survivability are included in the preliminary design, then they can often be incorporated in the final construction without exacerbating tonnage or significantly impacting cost. Measures can vary from redundancy of key energy-supply components, to the installation of blast walls and doors, improving the deck plan, ballistic protection of vital areas of the vessel, reinforced hull constructions and innovative fire extinguishing systems.

Innovative solutions for blast walls

TNO is a world leader in the field of blast walls, and we regularly consult with foreign parties who are eager to take advantage of our expertise. This often involves collaboration with Dutch companies such as Damen Schelde, Bluewater, SBM and Van Dam. TNO works intensively with these companies to develop innovative solutions for blast and fire resistant structures. In addition, a new generation of blast walls have been developed that can resist very high pressures, are lightweight and relatively inexpensive. TNO conducts the scientific research, devises new types of compounds and combinations of materials and performs laboratory tests. The companies take advantage of the research results to create new products.


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