Climate, Air and Sustainability

TNO offers solutions for questions on Climate, Air and Sustainability in a context of economical, societal and technological developments and trends in energy supply, industrial production and mobility. The biggest challenge is to prevent side effects on different time scales and geographical scales. TNO has a strong knowledge on technological processes. Monitoring of emissions and air quality are crucial to recognize trends.

TNO is able to quantify environmental pressures on production processes and product chains from cradle to grave and compare different options. TNO advises companies on strategic sustainable choices and helps to detect environmental risks.
The technical knowledge enables TNO to make overviews of emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases. National governments as those of The Netherlands and Germany and the European Union are being helped with the development of guidelines on emission reporting and with the reporting itself. TNO also provides auditors to visit countries as part of the Climate Protocol.
The knowledge on large scale air pollution is enhanced especially concerning particulate matter (aerosols) on causes, transport and atmospheric chemistry and the use of satellite data to improve monitoring.
TNO also advises large communities and water boards on adapting to the effects of climate change.

Our expertise

  • TNO has extensive knowledge on production processes and product chains (from cradle to grave) and related environmental pressures. TNO develops new concepts on sustainability.
  • TNO advises companies and governments on options to reduce emissions and helps governments with reporting as part of international treaties (EU, UNECE, and UNFCC).
  • TNO is closely involved in research on the causes, composition and transport of the different components of particulate matter.
  • TNO is doing research on the edge between large scale air pollution and climate change (aerosol, ozone).
  • TNO has developed models and data bases on emissions and air quality on the European scale.
  • TNO develops new monitoring strategies by combining ground data, models and satellite data


TNO is able to translate theoretical analysis in practical solutions for strategic and operational problems. Some examples are:

  • Chain analysis for international chemical industries and branch organizations of packaging industries.
  • Quality management of the Emission Registration of The Netherlands .
  • Development of the emission guidelines for the EU.
  • Data base of European emissions on a detailed grid.
  • Permanent improvement of the Lotos/Euros large scale air quality model that is used by PBL, RIVM, KNMI and others.
  • A number of air quality studies for the German Ministry of Environment (UBA).
  • Participation in a large number of European consortia and networks on air quality.
  • Use of satellite data to improve air quality predictions.
  • Leader of a consortium on Climate Proof Cities in the Netherlands involving all major municipalities.
  • Participation in KIC Climate.

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Expertise groups

Jamilja van der Meulen

  • Climate
  • Sustainability

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