TNO is committed to a sustainable society. New business opportunities can be discovered by looking at the environmental load, costs and social aspects of whole production processes and life cycles of products and services.

We assist industry and government to analyse and evaluate product and production chains, and afterwards support the decision-making process, answering questions like: How do you use new insights? Where do you start with improvement options? Are the 'green claims' justified? Is benchmarking needed? TNO's recommendations enable the next step towards sustainability to be actually taken.

Basis for sustainable design

In addition to offering additional insight into product and process comparisons, using life cycle analyses (LCA, carbon footprint, LCC and eco-efficiency analyses), we can also assist you in the sustainable design of new products and processes. And since sustainability is more than cost efficiency and environmental performance alone, we also look at social aspects like safety and health.

Environmentally responsible innovation

Our expertise provides valuable contributions to innovation in building and construction, the food industry, manufacturing, the plastics and metal industries, commercial business services and the SME sector. In this way we take a major step forward together with industry and government towards a sustainable society.


Now and then research issues can be sensitive since the results may have a significant impact on specific companies or the whole sector or on the authorities. In such cases, TNO's independent research offers objective insight that creates support among all the stakeholders and promotes real change. We would be happy to tell you more about our chain management approach.


Be inspired by TNO Insights about Circular Economy


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