Cities and the climate

Worldwide emissions of greenhouse gases are causing the climate to change. TNO has the knowledge and techniques to measure the emissions and, where possible, reduce them. Climate change is influencing liveability in cities. TNO identifies the consequences of change for urban areas and thinks along with public-sector bodies and businesses on adaptations designed to keep cities liveable.

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Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases

Reducing greenhouse gases begins with obtaining measurements that provide data on the sources, nature and scale of the emissions. TNO has the specific expertise required to carry out those measurements. In order to achieve real reductions in emissions, efforts are needed in all sectors of the economy, from industry to agriculture and from households to transport. Here, too, TNO's knowledge of a large number of technologies and measures is readily usable. This expertise, often based on practical cases, enables TNO to provide citizens and the public and private sectors with answers to policy questions. We can also predict the effect of measures designed to reduce the greenhouse effect and air pollution. The models and scenarios we use to do this are aligned to the needs of the party asking the question.

Dealing with the consequences of climate change

As a result of climate change we are faced with more extreme weather conditions: temperature, rainfall and wind strengths are changing. In addition, sea levels are rising. The changes have consequences for our safety, health, economy, ecology, social structures and for the quality of the physical environment in the broader sense. In cities, where the risk of damage and problems is relatively high due to the high population density, the impact of those changes can be even greater. TNO has the knowledge, technology and techniques in-house to advise the public and private sectors on planning issues in rural and industrial areas and on measures for critical infrastructure. That knowledge is available to policymakers and individuals who are seeking to develop measures to make cities more resilient to the consequences of changes in the climate.

Environment & Climate

Ronald Albers MSc MPA

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