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Research Programme Knowledge for Climate (2008 – 2014)

What impact will global climate change have on our coastal region, the low-lying rural and urban areas or Schiphol? The ambitious National Research Program Knowledge for Climate has identified the effects per region and indicated routes to adapt to the new circumstances.

The Knowledge for Climate research program has developed knowledge on how the Netherlands can best prepare itself for the effects of global climate change, like the warming up of the Earth, the increase in extreme rainfall events, long periods of drought, rise in sea level and a deterioration of the quality of our habitat. Knowledge for Climate mainly concerned adapting to change, the practical measures that regions can take to respond to the changes.

Research programme

In the research program TNO has contributed to several projects for the regions Rotterdam and Haaglanden and for Schiphol Airport. TNO has also coordinated 2 large research themes within the program: one on enhancing the adaptive capacity and reducing the vulnerability of the urban areas to climate change: (Climate Proof Cities) and the other on the possible impacts of climate change on various types of infrastructure (such as energy, railways, roads) en developing adaptive strategies to reduce the vulnerability of these infrastructures (INCAH).


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