People are affected by sound. We can enjoy the sound of music, but sound (noise) can also become a nuisance to such an extent that it affects our health. TNO conducts research that focuses on reducing noise nuisance. Targeted measurements identify the causes of noise nuisance and failures to comply with noise limits.

TNO can also advise on methods for reducing noise nuisance and analyse the potential effect of proposed solutions (e.g. sound barriers).

Effective measures

Noise can be a difficult problem to tackle. It is not always easy to trace the sources, and it is difficult to predict the effectiveness of noise-control measures. Even noise levels that are within statutory limits can trigger stress, so it is sometimes necessary to do more than determine whether noise limits have been exceeded. The source or cause of the noise can also play a role. The impact of traffic noise, for example, is different to that of noise from a wind turbine or high-voltage cables.

Specialist noise research

Nuisance perception varies from person to person. Noise research is therefore a matter for specialists. The public sector, private sector and citizens can call on TNO's knowledge of measurement techniques and methods for mitigating noise, particularly for more complicated situations. TNO can also take care of communication with local residents in affected areas.

Environment & Climate

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