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Air quality and climate

TNO is involved in research concerning emissions,  transport and chemical conversion of air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Also the interaction of air pollutants and other atmospheric processes is investigated. This interaction gains more and more attention, for example the impact of particulate matter on incoming solar radiation. To this end, models are used and combined with ground-based observations, satellite-based observations for validation and models and observations are combined using and data assimilation.

Central is the LOTOS-EUROS model. This model calculates the formation, transport and deposition of ozone, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ammonia over Europe or other regions in the world. The model offers the possibility to analyse trends in air quality, simulate trends in air quality and provide air quality forecasts on a regional (e.g. European-wide) scale. The model is also able to zoom in to more specific urban and industrial areas. The model relates emissions to atmospheric concentrations and deposition. TNO develops and maintains LOTOS-EUROS, that is also used by other modelling groups.

A special feature is the earmarking of emissions from specific source areas or source sectors. In this way the relative and absolute contribution of local sources and long-distance transport can be determined in an efficient way. This source apportionment technique thus shows origin of pollutants and potential effect of measures for air pollution episodes. Next to source apportionment, LOTOS-EUROS has a long standing record on data assimilation. The cooperation with other expertise groups within TNO (e.g. emissions) makes TNO unique.

LOTOS-EUROS is used for operational international air quality forecasts, is applied for answering international policy support questions and is used for scientific research.


Ronald Albers MSc MPA

  • climate
  • sustainability
  • life cycle analysis
  • emissions

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