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National and regional emission monitoring

The national and regional monitoring of emissions is a field in which TNO has extensive expertise. The Dutch Emission Registration project, in which the team is a key player, forms the basis of the Netherlands' emission monitoring and supplies much of the regional information about emissions. Setting up and using monitoring systems, including data-validation systems, are tasks within this field of work.

The emissions caused by an activity is something TNO has the knowledge to quantify on the basis of information about the activity. This work requires technical expertise and sophisticated data processing. The activities in question include all sources of emissions from international shipping to companies, traffic and households. TNO contributes its expertise to the national monitoring process and facilitates that process. TNO´s knowledge also supports preliminary work for environmental policy and its implementation. Research into emission scenarios, limiting emissions and the costs of imposing such limitations are further areas in which TNO applies its expertise.



Ir. Peter Coenen

  • Climate
  • emissions
  • Green House Gasses
  • inventory

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