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New method for assessing shipping emissions

There is an increasing focus on the emission of air pollutants by shipping. TNO has developed methods for assessing emissions using remote sensoring.

The new method is unique in the sense that emissions are measured in the exhaust plume of ships on the Nieuwe Waterweg ship canal, rather than on board, as was previously the case. This makes the method much less labour-intensive. The emission factors of 100 ships can be measured in a single working day with the new method, compared to 1 or 2 ships per day with the old method. The results of the research are used to improve the precision of emission estimates. The method can also be used to measure the sulphur content of marine fuels. This information is important for enforcement purposes, including the enforcement of regulations on NOx emissions. Research is also being conducted to find out whether the method can be used on board aircraft, in the context of the enforcement of regulations relating to the Netherlands Continental Shelf.


Dr. Jan Duyzer BSc

  • air quality
  • nitrogen deposition
  • pesticides
  • exposure
  • dispersion

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