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NO2 emissions from traffic reduced

As a result of high concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emitted by traffic, air quality along roads does not comply with the relevant standards. In a number of cases, this is hampering the construction of new roads and built areas.

It is thought that NO2 concentrations could be reduced by using paint containing titanium oxide on noise barriers. The Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management asked TNO to research the effect of this type of paint on NO2 concentrations.


The effect was studied by means of laboratory experiments, model calculations and field experiments. The laboratory research confirmed that some paints remove nitrogen oxides, and should therefore reduce NO2 concentrations along roads. In practice, however, the effect was less marked. Previously, a large-scale field experiment was conducted along the A28. A major study is currently under way in the Koningstunnel in The Hague. The results are expected at the end of 2013.

Dr. Jan Duyzer BSc


Dr. Jan Duyzer BSc

  • air quality
  • nitrogen deposition
  • pesticides
  • exposure
  • dispersion

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