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TNO contributes to new CAMS operational air quality system

Together with the Dutch Royal Meteorological Institute, a daily air quality forecast for ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and pollen is delivered to Copernicus Atmospheric Services (CAMS). These services offer accurate and actual data on atmospheric composition, relevant for policy makers, enterprises and citizens.

TNO provides detailed maps with emissions which are used as input by all contributing air quality models, and contributes with the LOTOS-EUROS model.  Next to a three-day air quality forecast, the model is used within CAMS to analyse air quality over the past years and source attribution for major European cities during episodes of elevated pollution levels.


TNO develops the regional air quality model LOTOS-EUROS for the lower levels of the atmosphere. This model is also used for the Dutch operational  smog forecast. Furthermore TNO develops a European-wide map of spatially distributed emissions which are not only used by LOTOS-EUROS but also by all other models within the CAMS ensemble.

Integration of observations

LOTOS-EUROS uses emission and meteorological input data like wind, temperature and precipitation to describe transport and chemical reactions involving air pollutants. The model integrates ground- and satellite based observations (data assimilation) to arrive at a better estimate of the initial conditions, and uses the resulting information on model settings to improve the forecast as well. The model is able to earmark emissions from several sources or regions, in this way it can accurately determine the origin of pollution for specific areas or air pollution episodes. Also a pollen forecast for grass and olive pollen will be given.

The model is continuously being improved by updating process descriptions,  increasing the spatial resolution and adding species and functionality.

Ronald Albers MSc MPA


Ronald Albers MSc MPA

  • climate
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