Integrated area development

Former port areas or station sites, like outdated residential neighbourhoods or shopping centres, are urban locations that can be redeveloped for new uses. TNO has the expertise to help public authorities and property developers find innovative ways to create value in areas like these. TNO can also bring parties together to form a consortium and translate development plans into actual construction projects.

Complex interplay of factors

Integrated area development long ago ceased to be a matter of simply purchasing land and building on it. Various processes in society (e.g. the economic crisis, sustainability processes and stricter environmental requirements) have made things much more complicated. Today, in many cases, development involves existing locations ('brownfield' sites): renovation, finding new uses for buildings and addressing vacancy problems. The need for information and the need to find funding also play an important role in projects. The same applies to a number of other factors, such as the environment and the health of local residents. TNO brings parties together so that they can work together as a consortium on the development of urban areas.

Effects identified with Urban Strategy

The changing circumstances call for a strategy that takes account of the complicated interplay of factors. Today, projects often involve not only the public sector, but also parties such as property developers and financiers, and their interests need to be considered too. The basis for this complex approach is knowledge of urban planning and its societal and financial consequences. TNO has that knowledge in the form of Urban Strategy, a model that provides information early on (in the planning phase) about the effects of measures. Another example is a project for an innovative communication and design tool (PICO) that identifies the possibilities for making neighbourhoods energy-neutral.

Environment & Sustainability

Be inspired by TNO Insights about Circular Economy


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