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Monitoring community development programmes (India)

Gram Vikas, an Indian NGO, runs an integrated habitat development programme guided by the belief that all people deserve to live with dignity. They asked TNO how to measure progress on the qualitative effects of such a programme. TNO supported the NGO with the development of a monitoring framework and toolbox, which may also be useful to comparable organizations who wish to improve their monitoring systems.

The aim of the habitat development programme is to bring sustainable, social and economic value to villages with rural low-income groups. Important aspects of the approach are inclusion (100% coverage), social equity, gender equity, sustainability and cost sharing. The Indian NGO monitors the implementation and progress of the programme carefully, and also asked that results be even more objective and explicit. In collaboration with employees of Gram Vikas, we developed questionnaires for the illiterate (with illustrations), trained personnel in using these questionnaires and established a framework to analyse and manage the results.


Better quality of life for 300,000 Dhalids, through better measurement of the impact of their community development programme.




Drs. Mathilde Miedema

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