Sound, air pollution, odour and external safety. Increasingly, all these topics are playing an important role early on in the spatial planning process. This is due to the increasing awareness that these environmental aspects impact greatly people's health and well-being. Another inescapable fact is that European directives are being issued. All European municipalities are subject to these directives, including those in the Netherlands.

A major challenge. A challenge that must be taken up mainly at municipal level. But how? How do you incorporate environmental qualities completely into spatial planning in a way that is informative for everybody? How do you identify emissions, dispersion, nuisance and health risks? With Urbis, TNO can cooperate with municipalities to create a good basis for taking up that challenge. Urbis makes detailed area overviews of the noise and air pollution in a municipality based on information available within the municipality. The results of this are presented in an accessible and informative manner.


Urbis is a GIS instrument that TNO has developed. It enables the detailed mapping of noise and air pollution (inc. odour) in (parts of) municipalities. It can also be used to calculate the effects of exposure such as (severe) nuisance, (severe) sleep disruption and an increased probability of death. As far as possible, the environmental overviews are based on available information. Available data about activities (traffic, industry), emissions or immissions provide the basis.


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