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EFFECTS: Advanced, easy-to-use Consequence Analysis

A loss-of-containment scenario in the (petro)chemical industry can be devastating, for both property and human life. EFFECTS is easy-to-use, affordable software that helps safety professionals calculate and analyse the effects of these scenarios and develop the right prevention or containment protocols. In just a few easy clicks, you can determine the precise consequences of any scenario, and share your findings with all relevant stakeholders.

Advanced modelling includes rectangular pool fires

Analyse all possible scenarios

With EFFECTS, you can model the behaviour of toxic or flammable gases, liquefied gases or liquids from initial release to effects kilometres away. You’ll be able to simulate the effects of accidental releases under all process conditions and weather types.

EFFECTS calculates heat radiation from fire, over-pressures from explosions, toxic concentrations and toxic doses from dispersion, and much more. Of course, EFFECTS also allows you to calculate the consequence to human life (lethality) and structure damage.

Dynamic display of toxic or flammable releases

Take comprehensive control

EFFECTS contains more than 2200 known chemical components from the DIPPR® chemical database. It also lets you define customised chemicals and mixtures, specific to your own organisation.

Use the more than 70 models in EFFECTS to calculate accident scenarios including, but not limited to:

  • leaks and ruptures in pipelines, pressure valves, vessels and storage tanks
  • confined gas explosions
  • BLEVEs
  • drifting toxic clouds
  • jet, pool, rim, bund, or rooftop fires
Easily share results via Google Earth©

Use with accuracy and ease

Accurate calculations require realistic visualisations. So EFFECTS allows you to use your own maps, drawings or aerial photography, or you can link to online maps to create realistic scenario settings.

To help you effectively share your findings with your stakeholders, EFFECTS is fully integrated with the latest professional and GIS software, so you can create professional presentations quickly and easily. Whether used occasionally or every day, EFFECTS is a cost-effective, comprehensive solution.

Trust the transparency

As an independent research organisation, TNO applies transparent and traceable methods for safety analysis. The models used in EFFECTS are described in detail in the ‘Yellow Book’ and the ‘Green Book’.

Try it today

Want to try EFFECTS for yourself? You can download a free version to view already-calculated projects. To save projects, make calculations and gain access to the extended chemical database, flexible licensing is available.


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