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Incident and accident investigation

Considerable damage can be caused to people, the environment and the infrastructure in an accident. TNO is frequently called in as a competent and independent party to investigate the possible causes of incidents and accidents, usually at the request of the Safety Investigation Board, inspection agencies or private companies.

Our investigation produces hypotheses about the possible causes, which are thoroughly tested in the process. We have learned that numerous seemingly unconnected basic causes can lead to the eventual consequences. These causes, be they technical, organisational or human in nature, can often be traced to failures in safety management and/or the safety management system. Once the causes have been determined, investigators move on to a structured explanation of which layers of protection failed and what modifications are needed in the system itself, procedures and/or the organisation as a whole. A team of experts is deployed to perform the investigation. The scope of the investigation and the kinds of expertise required is decided in consultation with the client. TNO can call on a diverse range of expertise, so that it can supply whatever specialty is required. The investigation itself occurs through on-site research, interviews, assessments and analyses of samples and debris.

Why turn to TNO?

TNO is the perfect place to turn for activities related to accident investigation. Such investigations are generally highly technical, yet have organisational facets, as well; they are multidisciplinary and involve parties with divergent interests. With these kinds of dynamics, independence and scrupulousness are of the utmost importance.
TNO's strengths:

  • Independence;
  • Specialised expertise;
  • Experience;
  • Multidisciplinary;
  • 'One-stop shopping.


Dr. Johan Reinders


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