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Water often has be treated to remove microbiological contamination. Examples are water for drink or food preparation, drinking water, treated waste water and pool water. A wide range of membrane technologies is available at TNO to remove micro-organisms effectively from process water streams and solve problems with fouling of filters and membranes.

A membrane based pulsed electric field offered by TNO under the name Mempef allows us to place two electrodes very close to each other, separated by a porous membrane. Thus, small electric fields are created without the necessity of an expensive electrical system to control the process. The micro-organisms are damaged while passing the membrane pores, resulting in an effective disinfection.
For treatment of pool water the peroxite ® technique has been developed. This relates to the in situ and In Line production of H2O2. Micro-organisms are often kept from treated water using MicroFiltration (MF). In standard designs, the concentrated mass of micro-organisms results in a slime layer on and in the membrane. This results in low flux and high pressure drop, therefore high energy costs. A new patented technology allows controlled biofouling in such a way that the ultimate flux is higher at the same selectivity

Prevention biofouling on membranes

Another technique to reduce membrane biofouling drastically is the Denutritor technology. By removing organic compounds from the water, the growth of micro-organisms is dramatically slowed down. Recently a membrane coating developed with Ag / Cu nanoparticles greatly extended the sustainability of these membranes, for example in hospital showers.

Ir. Raymond Creusen


Ir. Raymond Creusen


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