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The Hague Security Delta: security innovation network

A growing number of government bodies, knowledge institutes and companies are bundling their strengths within The Hague Security Delta. This network has adopted an innovative and integrated approach to develop new solutions for national and international security issues. As an active network partner, TNO is involved in each of the innovation centres. It serves as a project champion for the 'cyber security' and 'urban security' innovation centres.

TNO is one of the founding fathers of – and an active partner in – The Hague Security Delta (HSD). This fast-growing network of companies, government bodies and knowledge institutes working in the security sector seeks to promote innovative solutions and economic development in the field of national and international security. With a turnover of EUR 1.5b and offering employment for some 10,000 people, the security sector already makes an important contribution to the Dutch economy. HSD currently focuses on five key themes: National Security, Urban Security, Forensics, Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Security. However, the network also pays attention to new themes like Border Security and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence (CBRN). In its role as innovation partner, TNO contributes substantially to each of these focus areas.

Boosting innovation

Within each security theme, the HSD network members join forces in so-called innovation centres. They exchange knowledge, skill and experience, pool research facilities and share costs. This collaboration fosters new innovations which help strengthen the competitive edge of the Netherlands' private sector and economy. Does your company or organisation work in one or more of these key areas? In that case, TNO invites you to join the HSD network.

TNO's role within HSD

TNO serves as a champion and coordinator for the 'cyber security' and 'urban security' innovation centres. To promote collaboration and an integrated approach based on contributions from multiple disciplines, TNO shares its Cyber Security Lab with its partners, to use as a research facility. Besides technology development, the lab also focuses on human factors, processes and organisational and management issues.
At the 'urban security' innovation centre, TNO brings together partners collaborating in the field of public security. One such initiative is the Living Security Lab (LSL), a testing ground for innovative public security products, services and concepts.
Working together in multidisciplinary teams – and each contributing specific expertise and research – the participants use the LSL to field-test new and innovative solutions. Examples include the assistance of senior citizens during a calamity, campus security measures and how to improve safety, and people's perception thereof.

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