Human Effectiveness: improving performance with less personnel

One of the main challenges facing tomorrow's armed forces is improving their performance with fewer personnel available. TNO focuses on the deployability, sustainability, motivation, resilience and health of military personnel to maximize their human effectiveness in interaction with other humans and complex systems in demanding and complex environments.

Our main focus areas are Human Performance, Human Factors Integration and Training & Education within the broad fields of Human Factors and CBRN. Because cost benefits can be achieved through lower dropout rates and smaller units, TNO contributes by improving the training, monitoring and support of personnel, and by investigating the deployment of intelligent and (semi)autonomous systems.

Our strength is the ability to combine all available expertise ranging from psychology (cognitive, social, organizational) to toxicology, within the research groups Human Behaviour & Organizational Innovations, Perceptual & Cognitive Systems, CBRN Protection and Training & Performance Innovations (see related Items). It is supported by a strong foundation of military domain knowledge.


Plenty of support for innovation platform AEOLUS during NIDV symposium

27 November 2015
On 19 November the Ahoy in Rotterdam was the venue for the launch of AEOLUS at the TNO stand during the NIDV symposium. AEOLUS is an innovation platform of the Royal Netherlands Air Force Centre for Man... Read more

Dr. Myra van Esch-Bussemakers


Dr. Myra van Esch-Bussemakers


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